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It can be difficult to know when to raid your makeup bag and start saying goodbye to your favorite products.

It can be hard getting rid of your favorites as you have formed a special bond with them. But look on the bright side, clear outs mean that you have more space to store your new finds. So how do you decide whether to keep or ditch?

beauty spring cleaning



You wouldn’t intentionally add expired milk to your tea, so why would you use expired makeup? Out of date makeup can cause acne, skin irritations, dry patches and nasty eye infections.

Like anything expired, makeup runs out of it uses and doesn’t work as properly as it’s designed to. Chipped nails, pigmented lips are other effects of using expired beauty products. You are not getting the benefits of the product, so it is best to throw it out. Or rather stick to the expiry dates.


1. Eye-shadow/ Blushes/ Powders

Expires after: 1 year

how to apply blush for different face shapes

You need to take extra care when it comes to the eyes. They are very susceptible to irritation and infection if not careful. Powder eye-shadows last longer than cream based ones (lasts 6 months). Use clean brushes always so that you get a lot of  use from your brushes and powders.


2. Liquid Eyeliner

Expires after: 3-6 months

9 different eyeliner styles - Brush tip liquid eyeliner

Basically anything liquid is more likely to be contaminated in a shorter time. Pencil liners for lips and eyes can go up to 2 years.


3. Mascara

Expires after: 3-6 months

beauty spring cleaning

You’ll know when your mascara is running out. You can add some eye drops to push it, but after the 6 month mark you have to bin it. It’s liquid based and is the closest product to your eye, so the chances of an infection are really high. If you have to use one mascara with multiple people, use disposable wands and eliminate risk of cross contamination.


4. Foundation and Concealer

Expires after: 6 months

full coverage long lasting foundation


Concealers come into contact with the most delicate skin on your face, the under eye area. We also use it to cover blemishes and spots. If you use it after the due date, it will do more harm than good. Similarly for foundations. Otherwise, they’ll cause you great skin problems. Make sure to use very clean brushes on each use.


5. Lip gloss and Lipstick

Expires after: 1-2 years


beauty spring cleaning


The smell is always a good indicator of friend or foe. So if in doubt, take a whiff. Make sure you are using a clean lipstick brush or clean fingertips on application. Sharing lip products is not advised. If you have to use one lip gloss on multiple people you should use the disposable lip gloss applicators on each. This tips will ensure your lip gloss and lipstick last you two years.

Urban Legend: An average woman eats up to 2.7 kgs (6 pounds) of lipstick in a lifetime :O


6. Brushes

BH Cosmetics, 14 piece party girl brush set


Always clean your brushes after every use with antiseptic soaps and shampoos or if need be wipes. Do not lick the brushes to get shadow pigmentation. That’s nasty. Use eye drops instead or setting sprays. Store the make up brushes really well in a clean area. This will ensure your brushes last you as long as possible. And your makeup will apply well.

If a make up brush has seen better day, you need to toss it.



  • If you use it often, keep it in your bag
  • If it is expired, throw it out.
  • If you haven’t used it for a long time and it isn’t expired, place it somewhere visible so you use it before time runs out
  • If you don’t plan on using it at all and it’s not expired, give it away.
  • If you have a sentimental value to it, remember that it’s make-up and can be replaced. Not like any  human being or your well being.


I hope this helps you clear out easier. Remember you will have more space and other nice products to obsess about, so it’s maybe time for a little beauty spring cleaning.

Do you have any other tips for clearing out your makeup space. I’d love to know.


Keep you posted till next time


  • Stacie
    April 10, 2016

    Was wondering what if your using some cleanse wet wipes
    Can you like roughly know make up wipes last how long????

    • Yvonne
      April 10, 2016

      Hey Stacie. Good question
      You could check the expiry date on the package.
      But if you use them occasionally,
      they wouldn’t last long because there are usually average 15 wipes in there
      And if you have had them for more than three months, they will have dried by then
      Hopefully, that answers your question love 🙂

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